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Currently presenting mid-mornings on the Free Radio network across the West Midlands, Andy’s broadcasting career started over 20 years ago!

As a student, he has driving from his home town of St Helens, across the Pennines to present weekend shows on Radio Aire in Leeds. After graduating from Manchester Uni, he was picked up as the evening presenter for the launch of Wish FM in the North West, before soon being moved to present the station’s flag ship breakfast show, where he stayed for over 4 years.

Another 8 years of early starts then followed, on award winning and marketing leading breakfast shows on Signal One in Stoke, and then Merica FM in Coventry. When the station was taken over and re-branded to Free Radio (along with Birmingham’s BRMB), Andy moved to Britain’s second city, where he can still be heard each weekday morning from 9!

Along with radio and voice over work, Andy’s face has also popped us as a contributor on Channel 4’s The BIG Breakfast (his favourite tv show EVER), BBC3’s EastEnders Revealed, alo with news and current affairs such as CBBC’s Newsround and Channel Five news. More recently he was approached to star in a short film for Alzheimers Awareness, along with a number of corporate videos for Vauxhall and Malvern Theatres.

He’s even done panto! Oh yes he has! Six in total, for QDos and First Family Entertainment, starring with the likes of Lisa Riley, The Chuckle Brothers and even Sooty!

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